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Interested in becoming a Stand-Up Comedian? Want to figure out where to start, or how to improve what you've already got? If so, this is the class you've been waiting for.

This course has been designed to teach anyone from the novice to the professional comedian how to be funnier. This does not guarantee you will be funnier, but it will give you a better understanding of what it takes to be funny. We will provide the tools and the knowledge to bring out the best in each of you. Over six weeks, you will be taught the proper way to host a show, construct a joke, deliver a line, structure a set, and find the confidence to make anything funny! Whether you are an aspiring comedian looking to improve your craft, a business executive learning the basic skills to spice up a presentation, or an individual that is curious about what it would take to step up on stage and attempt the purest of all art forms, this course has the keys to help you reach those or any other goals you may set for yourself.


The Comedy Works is pleased to announce that we will be offering Comedy Classes at our Downtown Saratoga showroom. This is not an easy program - it runs for six weeks, with a significant amount of homework. Space is limited to 12 students, so register early


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Next Session Dates Will Soon Be Announced



Before registering, please be sure that you can attend each night the course will be offered. If you are, please register for class online at: Comedy Class Online Registration


This course is being offered for an all-inclusive fee of $300.00 per student.


This course will address a wide variety of topics including:

  • The Ten Commandments Of Telling A Joke (plus two others)
  • Microphone 101
  • Eight ways to create a joke
  • Developing Your Comedy Attitude
  • Tips For Writing Good Jokes
  • Polishing Your Jokes
  • Tell Them The Truth
  • Contrasting The Setup With The Punchline
  • Basic Joke-Telling Skills And Reminders
  • Writing jokes for yourself and others
  • Deconstructing other comedians in order to write for them
  • The Anatomy Of A Joke
  • Memorizing Your Routine


Questions, Concerns, And Truisms About This Course

Q: Will I still get nervous before I go on stage after this course?

A: Yes! A certain amount of nervousness is good. When the adrenaline is pumping and the endorphins are coming on strong we often do our best. A "good" case of the nerves can give energy to your act.

Q: Is there any particular "style" of comedy that we will be writing/performing?

A: Yes, very particular - Your Style!! If you are a loud, brash, wild person with more opinions than Andy Rooney - go with it. If you are a quiet, cerebral, horned-rim glasses wearing, mama's boy - then become the best quiet, cerebral, horned-rim glasses wearing, mama's boy on the planet. If you have a great singing voice and play the hell out of a guitar - grab that sucker and head to the stage.

Q: Is there a lot of work involved?

A: There is plenty of homework, but it's fun. That said, sometimes it's more difficult than others. That's known as writer's block. Like anything in life, the harder you work and the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of it..

Q: What happens if I'm horrible and no one laughs?

A: It's called bombing and doesn't hurt nearly as bad as a real bomb would. You need to bomb!! You will bomb!! You will get better by bombing. Every successful comedian in this country bombed, to one degree or another, before getting a few laughs and eventually a full set of spontaneous and continuous laughter.

Q: Is this only for people who want to do stand-up professionally?

A: No!!!!!!! This is for anyone from any walk of life. In any job situations arise where it helps to have a sense of humor. We will help you with that whether they are moments that are spontaneous or situations you must prepare for ahead of time. This course is great for anyone, whether their interest in comedy is as a hobby, a second income, or a career.

Q: How much money can I make as a comedian?

A: Open Mic - Nothing!!!! - Almost always gratis.

MC: 15 minutes $100-300 per week. The toughest spot in comedy because you are going up to a cold audience that is still getting settled in and ordering food and drinks and doesn't expect you to be very funny because you are in the opening slot. It's a challenge and a "dues paying" position.

Feature (Middle): 25-45 minutes $300 - $700. Often referred to as the "easy spot" because the audience is settled in, quieted down, and ready for the show. If they like the MC then they're in a good mood and happy to see you. If they didn't like the MC then they're happy to see you! The win-win slot.

Headliner (closer): 45-60 minutes, $700 - $2500 (higher for celebrity performers) per week is about average without major credits. LPM's are very important at this level. A "true" headliner will have the customers wanting to come back to see another show in the near future.

Q: Do I need an agent in order to get bookings?

A: Yes/No - You are your own agent, publicist, booker, roadie and driver. However, a legitimate agent can open doors you might find difficult to open on your own.

Q: I really don't want to do stand-up as a job. I want to write comedy. How could I get this material to comedians in need of new jokes?

A: Find a comedian you like. Introduce yourself as a writer and inform him/her that your sense of humor and theirs are similar in nature. Present a portfolio of tightly written jokes and or bits. They may only keep a small percentage, but don't despair because there are hundreds of comedians looking for the next killer joke. You get paid per joke. Prices vary from $10 to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on originality, LPM's (Laughs per minute) and a number of other factors. But the bottom line is the intensity of the laughs your material will produce. Send the jokes to the comic by registered mail to protect your creations.

Q: Will I have to write new material to do open mic nights or can I use my graduation routine?

A: Perform your graduation routine over and over again (provided it worked). Add new material, joke by joke, bit by bit at the same time you re-write your old material until "it sings." Don't try too many new jokes at one time because you will not know in advance if they will work, and if you have too much time between laughs it will hurt the part of your set that has been time tested. The intensity of the laughs will vary according to the response to the material presented before it.

Q: When/how do we receive the video of the graduation, how long does it take, and are there additional areas of comedy education available to us?

A: Graduation night, you'll order your dvd directly from Tommy Nicchi. It will take two weeks to receive the dvd. We also offer private lessons and one-day workshops of specific areas of comedy for an additional fee if requested.