Interested in booking an event? Please tell us more.



1st: Together we will pick a date. Generally, we will do benefits on our off days; Tuesdays-Thursdays, but can do Fridays or Saturdays if available.

2nd: The Comedy Works will provide you with an 8.5x11 PDF of a flyer that our team will put together for you. This gives your organization the tools you need to email, print, like, tag, tweet, or publish this flyer with all the information for your event! The more people there are, the more money will be raised.

3rd: On the flyer, there will be a link ( that will direct attendees to purchase their tickets straight through our website. This cuts out the hassle of your organization having to handle any money and keeps an accurate headcount for us to know how to best suit your event.

4th: Show up, laugh and raise funds!

Our benefits have been set up to minimize as much work for your organization as possible. The ONLY thing we expect of you is to get attendees in the door. We will then split the amount of ticket sales 50/50, write a check to your organization! (Example: if 150 tickets are sold, we will write you a check for $1,500). Also take advantage of all of the space our venue has to offer and host a 50/50 raffle or silent auctions to increase your fundraising (in fact we will throw in a free set of tickets). This is an excellent way for you to raise money, hassle free! We will offer our full menu and a full, cash bar at the responsibility of the individual attendee.

Please contact us today to schedule a tour of our new location!