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Grab your friends and come on out on Wednesday nights for a hilarious and politically incorrect evening of trivia, food, drinks, friend & laughs. The Comedy Works “Uncensored” Trivia includes challenging questions, comedy videos, funny photos and gameshow style rounds including both our host (Chad from Albany) and a light and buzzer system - the only one of it's kind amount area trivia events. You can expect everything comedy ranging from stand-up comedy to sitcoms, movies, funny quotes, stupid things people have said, etc). Prizes are given after each round and a grand prize at the end of each night for the winning team.

Full menu is available (click here for menu) and drink specials as always! Teams of 2 to 6 are welcome to participate.

Round 1:

Team Trivia from table- Teams of up to 6 people will gain up to 25 points on 11 questions. 10 of the questions will be worth 2 points and one question worth 5 points. Questions will be displayed visually on a large screen.

Round 2:

One player will come from each team to the stage for 2 different clusters of questions. One member for each cluster. They will know the categories at the start of the show and choose which members can come up for each cluster in Rounds 2 and 4. Teams can pick different members or the same members. For each question that is answered- right or wrong, there will not be a 2nd chance and will move on to the next question.

11 questions per cluster. 50 points TOTAL could be won throughout the 2 clusters. Each member will hold a buzzer and the first player to answer correctly will gain the points. If you buzz an incorrect answer, then 5 points will be deducted from your total score. The fastest finger's buzzer will light up and is configured to not have ties.

Round 3:

Same as Round 1

Round 4:

Same as Round 2 except if a player gets a question wrong, they will have 5 points deducted and have to go back to their seat for the remainder of the cluster.

Final Question:

Teams wager x amount of points for one final question- Jeopardy style. In the case of a tie breaker, teams will come up and battle it out on the buzzers. If the player gets the question wrong, then they lose the game. Winning team will win a grand prize!



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