Jimmie McDermott is a 31 year old upstate New Yorker who has a video game collection that would make you weep. He is a collector of all things Marvel and D.C., and can whoop you in movie trivia. Much like his comic book hero of choice, Deadpool, Jimmie was recently diagnosed with Cancer. B-cell Lymphoma.

When I called my brother to hear the news of how one of the most terrifying office visits he'd ever attended went, our call went like this:

Andy: What's up?
Jimmie: Nothin.
Andy: Nothing? Really? Nothing is new?Jimmie: ...uhhh... I got a haircut.

My brother is funny. Funnier than I am. He is the person that made me want to be funny. He is the perfect audience member, even when it's just the two of us hanging out. His laugh is not easily found, but when you hear it, you know you've earned it.

Jimmie will be missing a lot of work, and has some expensive healthcare things coming up that I'm afraid he won't be able to keep up with. The stress of money should be the last thing on his mind, which is why I've started this page. My brother is very proud, and probably doesn't like the idea of me doing this. But fuck it. He can fight me after he's done kicking this lymphoma b(ullshit's) ass



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